Become a Sponsor is a community oriented project with an approach that values privacy, transparency, and shared responsibility. Our aim is to make the online destination connecting professionals and governmental agencies from around the world that provide legal services and products to the communities they serve. We want to do that efficiently, safely, and transparently. We will not flood the site with ads nor will we sell your private data. Importantly, we will not manipulate the algorithm of displaying listings to benefit those who pay-to-display.

For us to keep this commitment we need the support of both businesses and community members.

Individuals can contribute anonymously or ask us to place a button announcing whatever product or event they would like. For example, a donor may wish to honor a relative, a favorite professor, link to favorite book, or a book they wrote, their personal website, or the website of their favorite legal aid organization, or any cause they care about.

Businesses and professionals can become a Sponsor for a month, 3 months, 6 months, or a year.

For both, we will place a 250-by-250 button as marked (see current sponsor for illustration).

The Sponsor button will be embedded for the duration of the sponsorship, so it won’t be removed from view by ad blockers.

We believe this business model is better for service providers and service seekers.

To reserve your space and/or for more information, please Contact us.