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No area of law is changing and developing quite so rapidly as media law.

Constant technological developments mean that the traditional areas of media law, such as press and publishing, broadcasting (including radio and television) and music and film, continually face new challenges. In particular the law surrounding “new media” has modified the traditional parameters and flexibility and drive are demanded of all involved in the industry.

The law firm, WILDE BEUGER SOLMECKE is located in Germany’s media law capital, Cologne. We have been active in the area of media and entertainment law and copyright for almost 30 years. Partner, Rafaela Wilde and her team of specialist German lawyers have not only kept abreast of the rapid developments in the area of media law, but have also contributed to and promoted them.

We have a presence in all the major media law locations across Germany and are active in all branches of the media and entertainment law industry. As well as benefiting from years of experience and specialist knowledge, we also have an extensive range of contacts both in the media industry and in policy, which we are happy to utilise to our clients’ advantage.

Below you can find more details about our media law expertise. Click on the photos to find out more.

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WIDLE BEUGER SOLMECKE’s offices have been specifically chosen for their location. They are accessible by car, train, tram or by foot. We have offices in Cologne, Berlin, Nuremberg, Munich, Hannover, Hamburg, Frankfurt and Dresden ready to help you with your legal question.


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