The Mead Law Firm, PC

The Mead Law Firm, PC

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The Mead Law Firm, P.C. is West Linn, Oregon business and estate law firm that serves clients throughout the surrounding counties with more than twenty-five years of experience. The firm understands the difficulties of trying navigating matters of contracts, estates and trusts, trade secret law and other important business and financial matters by oneself. The firm’s dedicated and personal service allows businesses and individuals to successfully draft documents exactly as they need them and in line with their unique ambitions. Businesses who are trying to make sense of a breach of contract or trade secret agreement can find valuable counsel in the firm’s knowledgeable attorneys who outline options, recommend and carry out prudent action.

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7455 Southwest Bridgeport Road Suite 205 Tigard, Oregon 97224, United States
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The Mead Law Firm, P.C. values the individuality of each client and his or her unique situation, and believes that good legal care means actually getting involved with clients, learning about them, helping them to feel comfortable and establishing relationships based on trust. When these conditions are met, the firm’s lawyers believe that the process is optimized and that valuable solutions will arise as a result. Its helpful attorneys are dedicated to being both accessible and honest to clients, as well as to providing outstanding advice, guidance and action.


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