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Q. Are the answers to the questions a legal opinion?

A. The answers are educational resources meant to inform the public. Answers should not be considered legal advice or legal determination. If a reader needs legal help, they must consult with a lawyer from who is licensed to practice law in their jurisdiction.

Q. Who answers the question? Are your answers provided by a licensed attorney? 

A. While some of the answers might be provided by an attorney, other answers are provided by members of the research team. However, because our site is accessed by people from all over the world, the visitors are subject to different legal jurisdiction. The answers are researched to maintain quality and accuracy of information, but they are not legal advice.


Q. I would like to add a listing, do I have to register to do so?

A. No. you can submit your listing as a guest.

Q. I submitted a listing but I don’t see it published, should I submit it again?

A. No. All submissions are queued for review. Only appropriate listings are approved and published.

Q. I saw a listing of my business. I would like to edit it to update it. How do I claim it?

A. Before claiming a listing, you must register. Once your registration is approved, follow the steps below to claim your listing:
1. Login to and visit the single listing page of your listing you wish to claim.
2. If the listing currently has no author assigned, a button with the Claim Listing label should be visible.
Click the Claim Listing button.
3. Enter the details for claiming the listing (I am claiming this listing because…) and press Submit.

When a claim is approved, you will become the author of the listing claimed. You can edit or delete it or replace it with a new listing.

Q. How much does it cost to publish a listing on

A. A basic listing is free.

Q. I would like to add listings of individual services that my firm provides, how do I go about doing this?

A. All listings are reviewed and the listings you wish to add are appropriate, not repetitive (SPAM), we will consider them.

Q. I am a service provider, what steps should I take to submit a listing?

A. First, you need to make sure that your service or product is not listed. To do so, please search our database. If the search returns no result, you can then Submit your listing.