Should I hire an attorney for a divorce?

Should I hire an attorney for a divorce?

QuestionsShould I hire an attorney for a divorce?
Guest asked 49 years ago

We are ending a 12 year marriage and I think that we can work out the divorce outside the courts. But I have been told that I should hire a lawyer to handle the divorce. Should I hire an attorney even though I think it will not be a complicated process? We live in Washington state and had no prenup.

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Guest answered 2 years ago

Divorce is a civil action, not criminal matter. As such, you do not need legal representation in court. However, each case will be unique and may be complex to resolve especially if the two parties are not willing to resolve the matter on their own.
If there are children rights at stake and one of the parents is not willing to consider provisions for children, a court order might be needed and in such case a lawyer might be needed. However , children interests might be served best when civility between the parents is preserved, and hiring a lawyer might complicate that, so consider the best options and the most important things and make a decision accordingly.

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