Working with public defenders

Working with public defenders

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PD asked 53 years ago
When represented by a public defenders, should a client trust the lawyer, although they work for the government?

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Intern Aboutlaw.comIntern Staff answered 2 years ago
Public defenders are licensed attorneys appointed by the court to represent indigent person in criminal cases—but rarely in civil cases.

An indigent person is, generally, a person who cannot afford legal representation with substantial hardships. Qualifying for public defenders various from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

Being paid by the government does not mean that they work for the government; they work for their clients. Because public defense lawyers are often paid less than their counterparts in the private sector or in the prosecution office, many of these lawyers take these jobs because they care about the rights of all people, especially those who cannot afford a lawyer on their own. Clients should approach their relationship with their public defenders from this perspective, not from the perspective that they are government employees.

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