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Articles and Docs

Traumatic Justice

Abstract In the recent past, allegations of police misconduct have periodically led to widespread community protests, but usually only when the incident is sufficiently high-profile and the harm is severe, such as when a police officer beats or kills an unarmed Black person. More often the spotlight and outrage have faded quickly, as victims were […]

For Lawyers is a place for empowering individual and the public and for demystifying the profession so that people are educated about their rights and responsibilities. does so transparently and carefully.  Results for searches for lawyers and service providers on are rendered based on keywords and the quality of the search; we do not […]

AboutLaw News and Research

AboutLaw News and Research is a platform for research and publication of content investigating the outcomes of systems of legal theories and legal institutions. Our researchers focus not as much on the cases that are resolved at the trial stage, but on the cases that are dismissed or plead. In the US, only 2% of […]