Moving a non-propfit organization from state to state

Moving a non-propfit organization from state to state

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guest asked 53 years ago
I have a nonprofit in one state within the USA and would like to transfer that to another state. Is there a way for me to do this?

Must the officers of the organization be in the state where it is registered?

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Guest answered 1 year ago
non-profits are businesses, special kind of businesses but businesses nonetheless. Therefore, a non-profit must have a physical address somewhere. That somewhere is usually a state. Therefore, a non-profit myst register with the state authorities. Now, if the person in charge of the entity is a state resident, they would norally use their home address as their physical location for the non-profit. If the person moves out, they cannot just pack and go. They must do one of a number of things to keep the non-profit in good standing.

  1. Dissolve and start over in the new place of residence.
  2. Leave the organization registered with the previous state and just file the Certificate of Authority in the new state. This means that the organization will remain active in the other state. There you will need to find another address for the organization (other members/officers) or pay for a service geneally would serve as the Registered Agent.When you start operating in a new state, especially if you have to hire and pay people, you will need to register with the new state as a ”foreign corporation”, meaning foreign to the state, since the organization is still registered in another state.

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